We would like to thank the community for creating some wonderful assets and allowing them to be used in our games.
Below is a table of the assets used and the link to the author.

Microsoft, Windows, Windows 95 and MS-DOS are all trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

All songs in this game are copyright of their respective copyright holders.

Ben's Big Heist

# Asset Link Modified
Bank Blueprint Link Yes
Calculator Link Yes
Computer Link Yes
TV Link Yes
Vault Link Yes
Lamp Link Yes
Weed Link Yes
Vault Link Yes
Table & Suitcase Link Yes
Table Link No
Frame Link Yes
Tamagochi Link Yes
Key 1 Link No
Key 2 Link Yes
Box Link Yes
Earrings Link No
Vault Door Link Yes
Painting Link No
Pig Link No
Vault Link Yes
Gold Link No
Printer Link No
Vault Link Yes
Cipher Wheel Link No

Jack's Hangover

# Asset Link Modified
Hand Link Yes
Handcuffs Link No
Pilot Link No
Bed Link Yes
Gifs Link Yes
Cards Link Yes
Alcohol Link No
Chips Link No
Table Link No
Cactus Link No
Heineken Link No
La Chouffe Link No
Lollipop Link No
Envelope Link No
Eiffel Tower Link Yes
Door Link Yes
Bar Link No
Candy shop Link Yes
Toblerone Link No
KitKat Link No
Candy Machine Link Yes
Casino Link No
Pawn Shop Link No


# Asset Link Modified
Various icons Link Yes
Cockpit Link Yes
Map Link Yes
Receipt Link Yes
Lab Link Yes
Barrel Link No
Rain Link No
Signs Link No
Period table Link Yes
Computer Link Yes
Post-it note Link Yes
Whiteboard Link Yes
Shelter Link No
Louis Link No
Picnic table Link No
Car Link No
Tanker Link No
Pilot Link No
Water Link No
Vessel Link No
GPS Link Yes