City Discovery

Solve a detective case in Melbourne CBD

Thank you for assisting the Melbourne Police Department with the "State Library" case.

A well-known historian was found dead in Melbourne's city centre. We need your detective skills and expertise to find answers and uncover who the perpetrator is.

Study the case file
City Discovery is your physical detective case file, containing instructions, a map, evidence and more.

Work together
Work together as a team by investigating the information at hand and your surroundings to find answers.

Submit answers
Found some answers? Log in on our detective portal with your game code to submit answers and request hints.

Form a team, get ready and play the game

1 Form a team and purchase a copy
Form a team of up to 5 people with your friends, family members or colleagues.
Then purchase your case file below.
Based on your preference, we'll send you your physical copy, or we'll get in touch to discuss a date/time to pick it up in Richmond, VIC.

Got your copy?
Meet with your team at the starting location, at the entrance of the State Library in Melbourne CBD.
Follow the instructions in the instructions to get started.

Use your unique game code on our detective portal to log in.
To complete the game, you'll need to submit the correct answers and decide who the perpetrator is.

Select to get a copy delivered to your location


Select to pick up a copy in Richmond, Victoria by appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

You have 2 options: either get a physical copy delivered to your hotel or residential address or pick City Discovery up in Richmond, Victoria.

• When selecting the Delivery option, we'll aim to drop off your copy the next day in Melbourne CBD. For locations outside of Melbourne CBD we ship City Discovery to your address using AusPost with a tracking code.
• When selecting Pick Up, we'll be in touch to find a date/time that suits you to pick up City Discovery. We are located in Richmond, Victoria.

We recommend 1 case file for up to 5 people. If your group is larger, it's best to get another case file. With multiple groups you can even think about a little competition...

The total distance is less than 5KM and you can make as many stops as you'd like. There is no time limit, so feel free to continue another day. You've got 14 days to complete the game after logging in.

The game takes place in Melbourne's city centre, in the middle of the city, between Victoria Street and Flinders Street.

Yes, you'll need your phone to get clues, check your answers and whenever you need a hint.

No, the game isn't a race for the best time. Instead, without a time limit you're more likely to enjoy discovering Melbourne.

If you're stuck, need help or can't reach a location, the Melbourne Police Department can help you out. Simply log in with your unique game code to request a hint.

Detective cases still need to be solved in the rain. But we understand you'd rather see Melbourne with a bit of sunshine.
After logging in with your game code, you've got 14 days to complete it. Surely there must be a bit of sunshine in that time!?

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