The Hunt: Mayday Edition

Your mission is simple:
Be the first team to hunt down 1 of 3 Mayday themed characters and solve the challenge to win $5,000

Get ready for The Hunt, a one-time outdoor event in Melbourne.
To celebrate the success of our latest online escape room Mayday, we're organising a fun event in Melbourne CBD.
Gather your friends, family or colleagues, dress up and get ready to join!

In Melbourne CBD
The Hunt 2022 took place in Melbourne CBD.

Free to join
Over 150 teams have competed in The Hunt 2022.

Cash prizes
We've given away more than $15,000 in prizes to the lucky winners!

Form a team, get ready and start The Hunt

1 Form a team and sign up for The Hunt
Be sure to read our Terms and Conditions and sign up for The Hunt via our Eventbrite page.
After signing up, you'll receive a confirmation email with more details.

You'll also receive a discount code to try our online escape room Mayday for just $5.
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive clues and stay up-to-date.
Be sure to post photos of your team dressed up and in action during the event for a chance to win $500!

Think of things like pilots, botany, plants and water as inspiration.
On the 1st of May, make sure you're near Melbourne CBD before 12PM.
From 12PM we'll start sharing clues on our Facebook and Instagram pages about where to find the Mayday come and get us!
Found us? Be the first team to solve the challenge and win the $5,000 cash prize.

And don't forget to dress up and post photos to our socials for your chance to win $500!

Outdoor action

Hunt down the characters and solve a challenge to win

In Melbourne CBD

Our characters are located in Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas

1 May 2022, 12PM

The Hunt takes placed on the 1st of May 2022, at 12PM

3 Hours of hunting

Played over 3 rounds, each round lasting up to 1 hour

Age 18+ required

Join The Hunt only if you're 18 years or over

Hunt as a team

Join the Hunt alone or form a team and hunt together

Good to know

To join The Hunt, make sure you:

  • Are 18+ and live in Victoria
  • Have a basic fitness level and can get to Melbourne CBD
  • Sign up for The Hunt via our Eventbrite page
  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram page to receive clues
  • 1
    Form a team or join by yourself and sign up via the Evenbrite page
  • 2
    Wait for the confirmation email with all the instructions and your unique Mayday discount code
  • 3
    Follow us on our socials to start receiving updates and clues during the event
  • 4
    Get to Melbourne CBD before 12PM on Sunday 1 May and start hunting

Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up for The Hunt if you're over 18, live in Victoria and accept our Terms and Conditions.
You will be fully responsible for your own safety, Experios not liable for any injury, damage or loss.

The Hunt is played in 3 rounds and each round takes up to 1 hour.
Rounds start at 12PM, 1PM and 2PM.
The first team to find us and solves the challenge wins and the round ends. The next round starts on the full hour.

We can't tell you exactly where we'll be, but the main areas to look for us are Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs.
We recommend you to use the tram, a bicycle or an e-scooter to get around.

The characters to find are all dressed up in a Mayday theme. As time progresses, they will be dressing up more obvious and provide more precise clues.

There is no limit to the number of people for each team.
Each team member will need to sign up to this event individually to be eligible to win.
You'll have to share the prize money with your whole team.

Clues around our location are posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so be sure to follow us!
And make sure to post photos of your team in action for a chance to win $500!

Joining this event is completely free!

In case of extreme weather Experios may cancel the event or postpone it. We will provide updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
If you feel it is unsafe to participate, please don't attend the event.